Road traffic traits in Germany

Traffic control

A traffic control can contain the examination of the road user and the vehicle led by it:

   • Driving capability physical lack (illness, handicap, influence of berauschender means)
   • Licences incl. editions and restrictions, Driving licence, transportation of human beings light, driving teacher light, GGVSE light
   • Social legislation in the traffic (steering and rest periods)
Looking sheet, controlling device among other things
It is permissible, if officials request the driver with control for stepping out. A refusal can cost 20 euro. One can reject an alcohol test, however then the possibility insists of carrying the driver forward for a blood test into a hospital/on the police station for the officials.
   • Condition
      •  Road safety
   • photometric mechanisms, tire tread, sharp edged or stepping out vehicle shapes among other things
      •  Agreement of the entries in the vehicle light with the vehicle technology
   • In/cultivated parts, changes among other things
   • Loading: Charge safety device, permissible total mass, number of passengers and others
   • Equipment: Fire extinguisher in KOM, warning triangle, first aid kit, soil obstacle light among other things
   • Duty paying
Applicable regulations are e.g. road traffic regulations, the driving licence regulation, the obligation insurance law, the tax code, the Motor Vehicles Regulations, the international regulation over KFZ, the transportation of human beings law and the BOKraft.
Characteristics are controls of the social legislation in the traffic. These controls may be e.g. also different authorities, v.a. the Federal Office for goods traffic.
To a traffic control itself measures of the police right, the irregularity right and the criminal procedure right can attach (or in reverse).

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